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Aiming at best serving special categories of citizens, NEWSPHONE provides specialized services, the most important of which are the following:

The company - after an open tender - undertook the project of accommodation of the insured members of the Social Insurance Institute (IKA) through the short digit number 184 and through the Secretaries 184 in 102 local Health Units throughout Greece. In the 1st case, the company is responsible for the staffing & equipping of the Call Centers in Athens & Thessalonica, and in the 2nd case is responsible for the stuffing of the local Secretaries 184, where the insured of the Institute are accommodated in person or by call. The company employs in total 1.200 persons in the Call Centers & in the Secretaries 184 in the whole country, who are responsible for organizing 100.000 dates per day.

Provision of general and customized information to the people insured by the Agricultural Insurance Organization (OGA) via a 4-digit telephone number.

Handling of passengers’ phone calls – on a 24hour basis – on train routes, availability, prices and ticket reservations via the 4-digit number 1110 of the Hellenic Railways Organization. More than 1,800,000 incoming calls are handled on a yearly basis.

Development and implementation of the new System of Automated Composition of Published Material for the Government Gazette (FEK). The purpose of this system is the installation and operation of an Information System that automates the collection of the material, the production process as well as the management and distribution of the Government Gazette to citizens, businesses and the Public Administration.

In collaboration with the "ATHENS 2004" Organizing Committee, the company provided general and specific information regarding the Torch Relay and Voluntarism. In addition, in collaboration with the company Ticketmaster, NEWSPHONE provided the public with information on the Games’ tickets and staffed a number of ticket counters.