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Responding to the necessities of contemporary lifestyle which is characterized by a spectacular increase in the volume and the accumulation of complex data, NEWSPHONE develops vertical portals aiming at improving the efficiency and quality of information retrieval.

In vertical portals, the description, classification and the preservation of resources is organized in such a way that information can be retrieved in an effective and efficient way in accordance to the specialized needs of the user. Via a designated number, a single code name or sign, the seeker is directed to the “depository” of categorized information, which is accessiblethrough all alternative mediums (via cellular or fixed telephony and via the Internet) and which covers the total informational spectrum of a variety of subjects (e.g. entertainment, health, automobiles, woman etc.).


"14814 Greece Official Time" Service provides:

  • Greek Time with seconds accuracy, according to Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM)
  • Day of the week
  • Date
  • Name-Day

Charge for landline: 0.42€/ min

Charge for cell phone: 0.47€/ min

An additional mobile telephony fee applies