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NEWSPHONE, steadily oriented towards the direct and flexible response to contemporary market needs, developed the National Directory Assistance Service via the number 11880.

The 11880 Service is available 24x7 with a constantly updated and enriched content, always ready to respond promptly and accurately to any telephone directory inquiry.

11880 offers various innovative services to its users, such as free-of-charge call-back for directory inquiries which require further investigation, direct connection to the desired telephone number (call completion), sending of required data to a designated number via SMS, unlimited number of questions per call, as well as the possibility of forwarding vocal and written (via SMS) information to the recipient number on caller demand.

At the same time, 11880 provides additional information on inquiries of general interest, such as among others hospitals on-duty, chemists, petrol stations, cinemas, theatres, departure and arrival information for ships, planes and busses.