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Activities | E-government

NEWSPHONE, by flexibly responding to the requirements and demands of contemporary times, has the privilege to set the standards of e-Government in Greece. NEWSPHONE develops and implements complex projects for the Greek State, thus enabling it to provide one-stop, on-line information and services to the Greek citizens.

NEWSPHONE studies the operational procedures of various Public Agencies and Organizations, gathers information on governmental “products”, processes it, organizes its content, standardizes it and automates its digital production and its provision to the citizens.

The understanding of the sequence of the actions and synergies required, as an imperative for the realization of the principles of e-Government, constitutes precisely the core of NEWSPHONE’s supremacy in this sector.

The “ARIADNE” project – contracted to NEWSPHONE following an international bid – is the first concrete step towards the adoption of the e-Government model in Greece. The successful implementation and operation of “ARIADNE” along with the warm reception it received in the whole country, has rendered NEWSPHONE strategic partner of the Greek State. The second stage of the project due to be completed by 2008 has also been commissioned to NEWSPHONE through an international competition procedure.

In the frame of the first stage of the “ARIADNE” project, NEWSPHONE has undertaken the collection, processing and classification of Public Administration information, interconnected the Citizen Service Centers (CSCs) as part of a single VPN and developed a Helpdesk to provide operational support over the telephone. NEWSPHONE also developed the multilingual web portal www.kep.gov.gr, which is hit by more than 10,000,000 visitors on a monthly basis, while the 1564 Call Center serves more than 160,000 calls a month. Finally, NEWSPHONE has developed an application for the automatic handling of more than 190,000 citizen requests per month.

The collaboration between NEWSPHONE and the Greek State is not confined to current e-Government projects, but it is constantly enriched with new projects which aim at a wider coverage of the increased citizen needs.

Making the best possible use of its infrastructure and specialized staff, NEWSPHONE creates the premise for the interconnection of various State Agencies and Organizations rendering it possible for them to communicate with each other in order to provide information services to the citizens.

Today, NEWSPHONE has interconnected – among others – the informational systems of the Conscription Service, the Criminal Records, the Special Registry Office, the Naval Retirement Fund (NAT), various Trade Chambers and the Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organization (ELGA), with the platform for the automatic handling of citizen requests, further extending the electronic services provided to the citizens by the CSCs.