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Human Resources

Since its very establishment, NEWSPHONE has put particular emphasis on human resources, fully recognizing that its workforce is the mirror image, as well as the driving force behind the company’s development.

NEWSPHONE’s philosophy as well as the core of its everyday practice is based on the belief that team spirit and collective effort accompanied by a friendly environment that encourages inventiveness and innovation, constitute the main factors of success.

The importance that NEWSPHONE places on the “people” factor is an essential comparative advantage and structural element for the quality of the work produced, for the achievement of the company’s targets, as well as for the attainment of future prospects. Within this scope, the company puts special emphasis on the quality of the people it employs, so that it can flexibly and efficiently respond to the constantly changing market conditions, while ensuring the recognition it seeks for its corporate presence.

Investment in training and education, careful delegation to each employee as well as acknowledgement and reward of his / her performance, constitute core priorities for NEWSPHONE, which operates on the premise that it is the company’s duty to share its success with all employees, at all levels, and to give everyone the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to the fullest.

Presently, the company employs more than 2.000 persons who always do their best to designate NEWSPHONE as a model employer and a pole of attraction for the development of human resources.